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DCD is a platform independent user interface for remote telescope and device control, compatible with the INDI standard.


 DCD has got a documented API, including some examples:


1) A TCP/IP (Internet) connection to a computer running an INDI sever connected to the telescope you like to operate.
2) Linux or Windows (or any other operating system supporting Python and GTK and Glade).

Installation for Windows:

Download Python or use deep link: python-2.4.1.msi
Download Glade and GTK or use deep link: gtk-win32-2.6.10-rc1.exe
Download Pygtk 2.6 for Win32 or use deep link: pygtk-2.6.2-2.win32-py2.4.exe
Install these three packages in exactly this order.
And reboot your computer after all packages have been installed.
Download DCD
Unpack the archive using Winzip or any other file extractor you are familiar with.
Open the directory where you extracted the archive and double click the file: "dcd.py"

Installation for Linux and other operating systems:

Download DCD
Extract it "tar -xvf dcd-*.tar"
Run it "cd dcd"  "python dcd.py"
The installation of the libraries highly dependent on your distribution.
I just give the homepages of the relevant projects:

Optional packages:

Fits viewer (needed to display .fits files):

SAOImage DS9 (Linux Windows, others)

CCDpreview (needed to display .ccdpreview data):
Windows: run .dcd/lib/preview.exe  (installer)
Linux: as root do:
cd dcd/lib
python setup.py install
# This installs a mini C library to do gamma correction
# brightness and contrast adjustment
# The source is given in previewcrunch.c


I stated to work on this project in the IAYC 2005  (an international meeting of youngsters interested in astronomy). In this group it is usual to call anything either stuff or device since the proper English expression is usually not known by most of the people, which explains this rather unusual name. I would like to thank IWA (the organization behind IAYC) for the wonderful time, and the spirit that encouraged me and many other people to work on astronomical projects.

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