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Class _vectorlabelhandler

                   indi_vector_identifier --+    
_blocking_indi_object_handler --+           |    
                                |           |    
          gui_indi_object_handler --+       |    
                                    |       |    
          _gtkindi_widgetlist_handler --+   |    
                                        |   |    
                  _gtkindi_widget_handler --+    
               _gtkindi_widget_vector_handler --+

A handler for an indivector object (with rule OneOfMany) connected to a Gtk.Label object. The label of the indivector will be fed into the Gtk.Label.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, devicename, vectorname, widget)
  on_indiobject_changed(self, vector)
    Inherited from _gtkindi_widget_vector_handler
indivector get_vector(self)
Returns the indivector this handler is associated with.
  on_gui_changed(self, widget, event)
NoneType update_indi_vector(self, vector)
Called when the widget has changed and the INDI vector needs to be updated
    Inherited from _gtkindi_widgetlist_handler
NoneType set_bidirectional(self)
installs callbacks of the GUI that will call the function _blocking_on_gui_changed if the user changes the the GUI object associated with this gui_indi_object_handler .
NoneType unset_bidirectional(self)
uninstalls the GUI callback installed with set_bidirectional (see set_bidirectional for details)
    Inherited from gui_indi_object_handler
NoneType on_blocked(self, *args)
The method _blocking_on_gui_changed is called by the GUI, in order to inform us, that a widget has changed.
NoneType _blocking_on_gui_changed(self, *args)
Called by the GUI whenever the widget associated with this handler has changed.
    Inherited from _blocking_indi_object_handler
NoneType _block(self)
activates the block.
BooleanType _is_blocked(self)
Return True if blocked , False otherwise
NoneType _unblock(self)
releases the block.
NoneType configure(self, *args)
This method will be called at least once by indiclient.
NoneType indi_object_change_notify(self, *args)
This method activates the block, calls the method on_indiobject_changed (It is called by bigindiclient.process_events each time an INDI object has been received)

Instance Variable Summary
    Inherited from _gtkindi_widget_vector_handler
GTK.Widget widget: The GTK widget
    Inherited from _gtkindi_widgetlist_handler
list of GTK.Widget widgetlist: The list GTK widgets to be connected
    Inherited from _blocking_indi_object_handler
IntType _blocked: A counter incremented each time the _block method is called and decremented by _unblock, >0 means blocked, ==0 mean unblocked
    Inherited from indi_vector_identifier
StringType devicename: The name of the device contaning the vector to be uniquely identifyed by this object
StringType vectorname: The name of the indivector to be uniquely identifyed by this object

Method Details

__init__(self, devicename, vectorname, widget)

devicename - The name of the device
vectorname - The name of the INDIVector
widget - The Label Widget
           (type=List of Gtk.Label)

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