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Class inditext

 indiobject --+        
indinamedobject --+    
        indielement --+

a (nearly) arbitrary text
Method Summary
    Inherited from indielement
  __init__(self, attrs, tag)
StringType get_text(self)
Return a string representation of it value
StringType get_xml(self, transfertype)
Returns an XML representation of the object
NoneType set_float(self, num)
Return None
NoneType set_text(self, text)
Return None
NoneType tell(self)
Prints all parameters of the object
    Inherited from indiobject
BooleanType is_valid(self)
Checks whether the object is valid.
NoneType update(self, attrs, tag)
Update this element with data received form the XML Parser.

Instance Variable Summary
    Inherited from indinamedobject
StringType label: label of the INDI object as given in the "label" XML attribute
StringType name: name of the INDI object as given in the "name" XML attribute
    Inherited from indiobject
indixmltag tag: The XML tag of the INDI object (see indixmltag).

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